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​Wire Forming of Nickel Alloy for Magnetic Reed Switch used in Medical Electronics

Employing our advanced precision coining and swaging technology, General Wire & Stamping Co., Inc. manufactures a complex variety of Reed Blades for glass to metal, hermetically sealed reed switches, used by a medical electronics client based in Oklahoma. These products perform in an array of high reliability, critical life-saving applications, including pacemakers, proximity sensors, auto-air bag, auto-braking and aircraft wing control.

Upholding a .0002 inch precision tolerance, we manufacture square end or chisel cut blades from .010 to .060 inch diameters and up to 2 inches in length. Our nickel iron alloy reed blades meet a 32 RMS surface finish or better and are ROHS compliant.

At General Wire & Stamping Co., Inc., we manufacture 25,000 to one million reed blades per order, delivering our custom-built products in shaker pack boxes with desiccant paper, ensuring safe and efficient distribution. Employing our advanced design and wire form manufacturing services, we are able to mass produce and safely transport these life-saving products to our client.

Wire Formed Reed Blade Specifications
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