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Custom Metal Stamping of 301 Stainless Steel Wave Washers for the Fire Safety Industry

Using Auto Cad design software, General Wire & Stamping Co., Inc. was able to employ advanced technologies to design and build precision compound stamping dies to manufacture premium quality thermostat controlling wave washers for a customer in China. The component maintains the precise calibration necessary for the proper detonation of fire extinguishing material for gas pumps and industrial deep fryers. All tooling and gap gages were designed and constructed in house.

Upholding a working force height at 0.2 pounds, each washer is formed from .0028 inch thick, 301 stainless steel material. After the products are produced, we then follow a carefully developed and controlled stress relief operation in heat treating ovens, further ensuring the wave washers' precise performance and absolute quality. 

Manufacturing 50,000 pieces each order, our premium products are transported using double zip seal bags with just-in-time international delivery. General Wire & Stamping Co., Inc. was able to use its long term experience and advanced stamping technology to produce top-notch thermostat controlling wave washers that absolutely meet client specifications and assure customer satisfaction.

Metal Stamped Wave Washer Specifications
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