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Wire Forming of Titanium Grade 1 for Traditional & Endoscopic Surgical Procedures (Medical Industry)

When a client from the medical industry in North Carolina contacted us to help develop and manufacture a family of premium quality wire formed ligating clips for use in traditional and  endoscopic surgical procedures, we were ready, willing and able to meet their needs. Our decades of experience in the surgical clip and staple industry had given us the knowledge and capability to design and build custom coining and forming tooling, and employ advanced fabricating and finishing techniques to develop and manufacture a line of wire formed products possessing superior functionality. After coining and forming the chevron shaped clips are tumbled and vacuum heat treated to meet surface and temper requirements for unsurpassed closure capability. 

Meeting strict standards and customer specifications, we have produced 50,000 to 1,000,000 wire formed ligating clips per order, packaging parts in custom plastic boxes, and offering as little as a six week for delivery lead time. Based on client demand, we can offer these premium quality ligating clips in small, medium, medium-large, and large sizes.

Wire Formed Ligating Clip Specifications
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