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Custom Metal Stamping of 302 Stainless Steel Arched Feed Springs for Medical Industry

Using Auto Cad design software, General Wire & Stamping Co., Inc. was able to build an arched spring ejector for a medical industry client based in Connecticut. These springs are designed to be used in a surgical staple applier. Using our advanced progressive die stamping technology, we construct each piece from grade 302 stainless steel. Upholding a (+/-) .002 inch precision tolerance, each product meets specific size specifications, measuring .014 inches in thickness, .75 inches in length, and .312 inches in width.

After the springs are formed, we follow carefully developed and controlled finishing processes, including burnishing, cleaning and passivation operations, to ensure a smoother, shinier, more corrosion-resistant finish. Advanced quality planning assures our products meet or exceed customer requirements, insuring client satisfaction. We have produced in excess of three million spring ejectors per year, offering just-in-time delivery service in bar-coded bags and boxes to ensure safe distribution.

Metal Stamped Arched Feed Spring Specifications
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