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Precision Custom Wire Forming

General Wire & Stamping has several features that make it a unique and highly regarded resource, including a manufacturing systems engineering staff which has decades of hands on practical experience designing, building and running production tooling systems. Our years of experience and expertise in design for manufacturability also make us a valuable and capable resource to assist you in the continuous improvement of your products. Our employees at all levels are committed to our Corporate Quality Policy of providing Total Customer Satisfaction through quality goods and services, at competitive prices, in a timely fashion for you, our customers. Contact Us »


Why General Wire?

Quick response prototypes, concurrent engineering, product development assistance, manufacturability reviews
Production quanities from several pieces to millions with quality statistically controlled parts per million
Any material or finish, preplated, post plated, top-lay, inlay, painted, anodized, composite strip, loose piece parts, reel to reel

Custom Wire Forming & Stamping

  • Wire Forming of Titanium Grade 1 for Traditional & Endoscopic Surgical Procedures (Medical Industry)

  • Wire Forming of 304 Stainless Steel for Radiography (Dental Industry)

  • Custom Cold Heading of HyMu80, Iron, Nickel, Molybdenum for a Medical Application

  • Wire Forming of Nickel Alloy for Magnetic Reed Switch used in Medical Electronics

  • Cold Headed Micro Fasteners
  • Micro Contacts & Leads
  • Miniature Valve Components
  • Cold Headed Pins
  • Miniature Four Slide Stampings
  • Glass-Ceramic Hermetic Seals
  • Miniature Medical Components
  • Micro Electronic Components

Specialties Include:

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